Audience Insight Analysis

What is it?

Using surveys and questionnaires to collect information from your audience, clients, or customers about their experience working with you or with a specific event, program, course, membership group, etc. 

How does it work?

Analyzing the data

These are possible steps in the process. Not all of them are required.

1. At an initial meeting, we will work together to determine your goals and desired outcomes so that I can design survey tools that will target the information you're looking for.

2. With your input and revisions, I will create a survey or questionnaire to be distributed to your target audience. This can be promoted via social media, an email list, paper surveys at an in person event, etc.

3. We will agree on a date that the responses must be submitted by.

4. Once the responses have been collected, I will organize the data into a spreadsheet or software of your choice.

5. Based on the initial goals and objectives we discussed, I will analyze the information to zero in on what you want to know.

6. I will provide a report of the results with clear charts, graphs, statistics, and direct quotes.

7. If desired, I can also put the information into a PowerPoint or other presentation format.

8. I can also assist you with presenting the data to stakeholders or other interested parties.

9. I can write case studies that highlight good feedback, common experiences, standout results, etc.

What are the benefits?

  • Clear information about who your audience is and how they experience your products or services.

  • Direct quotes that you can use for reviews, testimonials, and promotional materials.

  • Data for case studies, presentations, and other methods to promote your business.

  • Areas of improvement so that you can eliminate issues and complaints and create more stellar reviews!

  • Create opportunities in your business by identifying other products or services your audience would like to see.

Hourly rates start at $35

Customized packages are also available based on your individual and business needs.

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