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Looking for services that aren't included in my monthly packages? I also offer some specialty services, including Workflow Setup and Email Cleanup. 

17hats Workflow Setup

Automate emails & other tasks!

Do you use 17hats? We can help you with setting up workflows and appointment scheduling for your services. We can also help with streamlining existing workflows or online scheduling.

Here's how it works:

  • During your free strategy call, we will assess how much setup you need and provide an estimate.

  • If you decide to move forward, we will have a planning call to outline your workflow(s) or online scheduling setup. This call is usually about an hour, and we go through your process step by step.

  • We set up your workflows or online scheduling! You have the option of giving us access to your 17hats and having us do the setup on your behalf, or we can also do the setup together on a Zoom call in real time so you learn how to do it yourself. 

  • We can also draft any emails that are needed for your workflows, or you can provide these yourself.

  • We test out your new workflows or online scheduler and do any tweaks that are needed.

  • We provide email support and additional calls as needed.

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17hats setup & support tasks start at $35 per hour. Please book a call to get a personalized assessment.

Email Cleanup

Do you have a backlog of emails in your inbox? You can't even keep up with the new emails coming in each day, much less the old subscriptions, newsletters, inquiries, spam, and other emails overflowing your inbox. 

Let us clear out the old emails, get rid of subscriptions you don't need, and implement an organization system to allow you to maintain whatever your "inbox zero" is!

Note: this is a one-time cleanup and organization service. If you are looking for regular inbox maintenance, check out our monthly packages.

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Standard Cleanup


  • Cleanup of a backlog of up to 2000 emails

  • Managing subscriptions, newsletters, and other regular mailing lists

  • Setup of your inbox according to your needs

  • Reorganization or setup of folders to optimize inbox maintenance and function

  • Setup of filters to control incoming emails


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Deep Clean


  • Cleanup of a backlog of up 2000-5000 emails

  • Everything included the standard cleanup package


Do you have questions about Email Cleanup or other services we offer? Do you have more than 5000 emails to clean up?

Book your complimentary strategy call today to discuss which services are right for you!