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What We Do

The back-end setup and maintenance of your business, like your CRM or automation, can be stressful and time consuming. Not only do we take these tasks off your plate, but we can get them done in as little as 24 hours! 

You Deserve a VIP Day!

Are you looking to set up a new system or update one you already have? We offer half or full day VIP days! This means you are our only client for the day and we will work exclusively on your project. We can set up a new CRM system, basic website, online course, or email marketing account in as little as one day.
Book a free consultation today to see if a VIP day is right for you!

What's so great about a VIP Day?

  • For a half day or full day, I am completely focused on you and your business. No interruptions or priorities from other clients.

  • Whatever setup you need can be done FAST! This means that you don't have to wait for days or weeks to get your project done.

  • You can get a workflow or automation sequence set up right away so that you can test it and make sure it works for you, rather than dragging out the testing process over weeks or months.

  • In an intensive format, we can get more done! It will encourage you to get prep work done ahead of time (no more procrastination!) and we can focus on really achieving your goals instead of picking away at your to do list over time.

  • A VIP day will also save you money! For hourly or monthly clients, part of your monthly invoice gets eaten up by email communication, Zoom calls, and going back and forth with questions and decisions. If you request a quick task, there may still be a minimum billable amount of time that you get charged.  This can all add up over time! 
    With a VIP day, there is no wasted time - we create a plan and you provide any prep work in advance so that on the day I can get right to work!

  • Save yourself time and stress! You could spend weeks or months trying to figure out your back-end setup yourself. You might even get overwhelmed and put off luanching a course or starting your email list. With a VIP day, you get expert support so you don't have to do it all by yourself and you can focus on the things you enjoy doing! 

How It Works



30-Minute Discovery Call

A free call to discuss your needs and make sure our services are right for you.


VIP Day Prep Work

You fill out a questionnaire telling us exactly what you need and
send any documents & logins.


VIP Day Prep Call

A few days before, we go over the plan for your VIP Day and what we will be tackling.



We check in first thing, and then you are available for any questions as your work is completed.


Wrap Up Call

At the end of your VIP day, we meet to go over what we accomplished & any questions.


Post-VIP Day Support

30 days of follow up email support after your VIP day, and additional full or half VIP days as needed.

I hired Kayla to set up a series of automations to support a particular service launch. That included website updates, workflows, payment systems, and so much more. She was always one step ahead of me, delivered everything well above my expectations, and made me feel so at ease. I cannot wait to hand over a million other things for Kayla to tackle. Systems and automations are necessary but, for me, they’re overwhelming and far outside of my wheelhouse. Kayla is a true professional and a master of her industry. The relief she provides makes outsourcing an absolute necessity. Hire Kayla!

Sarah Laing, Owner
MCAT Social

Which VIP Day Do I Need?

We offer two types of VIP days:

A VIP Setup Day

A VIP Update Day

VIP Setup Day

This type of VIP Day works well for:

  • Setting up a CRM

  • Setting up a basic website

  • Setting up a basic online course

  • Setting up a new email marketing program

  • Setting up email marketing automation

  • Creating a lead magnet

  • Includes a walk-through video of your new custom setup


$700 (full day)

$350 (half day)

VIP Update Day

This type of VIP Day works well for:

  • CRM cleanup 

  • Adding a new CRM workflow

  • Adding new services to your CRM

  • Adding a new page to your website

  • Updating your website

  • Adding new lessons or modules to an existing online course

  • Adding or updating an email sequence

  • And more!


$500 (full day)

$250 (half day)

Please note: One VIP day may not be enough to complete your project.

The value of the VIP day is the focused time and attention on your business. We will do our best to complete everything in the time allotted,
but we can't guarantee specific deliverables.
You are welcome to book additional full or half days as needed.

For large setup projects, such as CRM setup, we recommend 2+ VIP days.
You can purchase a 2-day VIP setup bundle for $1247.

"Kayla is an extraordinary [Virtual] Assistant. The way she is able to
see into problems, analyze and solve them, borders on the miraculous.

I can't help but wonder if she has second sight!
As a Corporate Magician and Speaker, I'm needing a special skill set
that is not only highly technical, but warmly personable.

Kayla has the highest emotional intelligence of [anyone] that
I've ever worked with. She is also a deeply kind person with a
generous heart. I hope that our working collaboration is long lasting,
because she brings so much value in every context.

Heather Rogers, CEO
Entertainment Solutions & Co-founder of Curated Entertainment

Get Started Today!

Ready to start leveling up the back-end of your business?
Set up a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to discuss
what tasks you could include in a VIP day!

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