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Creating a Kickass Client Journey - Part 1: Leads

Do you spend a lot of your time on routine administrative tasks in your business?

Do you do a lot of your lead and client tasks manually?

Do you do so much customizing for each new client that it’s hard to create a consistent process?

You are not alone!

Many people come to me in a similar situation. They are overwhelmed, working long hours, and yet most of the work they’re doing isn’t the stuff they enjoy doing. They feel like they created a great experience for one client, but then it falls apart for the next one.

Having an inconsistent client journey can affect the number of leads that become clients, the number of clients who want to come back to work with you, and the amount of referrals and testimonials you get.

So let’s start with the beginning of the whole process. Watch the video below to learn more about creating a great experience for all of your leads.

Listen to the audio:

How do I figure out my client journey?

This is a really important question to ask, especially if you are early on in your business and you are setting up your systems or your ongoing process. You want the experience to be consistent for people who are moving through their relationship with you. There are some important things to consider as you figure out your process and as you refine it.

First of all, yes, you want to figure out the kind of journey that you want your leads and clients to have, but this is not set in stone. You can feel free to adjust this as needed as you work with clients and you learn things and see what works and what doesn't. Your business may shift over time to different services, products, etc., so you may need to adjust this process many times throughout your business journey, and that's okay.

Where do I start mapping my client journey?

To get started, here are some things to consider. When someone first comes into your business as a lead, what is the type of experience that you want them to have and what is it that you want them to do?

Do you want them to…

  • Download something, like a PDF?

  • Watch a video?

  • Book a call with you?

  • Buy a low ticket offer?

What is it that you are trying to accomplish when this person first comes across your business?

What is the next stage of the journey?

You also want to consider the next stage of their journey with you that you are trying to move them towards. It should be something that is eventually moving them towards buying something from you or working with you in some way. You're trying to convert them into some sort of client or customer.

Something to keep in mind is the onboarding experience for clients (we will go into this more later in another post). What do they need to do? What do they need to know? What do you need from them to start your relationship effectively? Then consider what you need so that there is a consistent process to move people from that lead to that client every time.

For example, I have clients who have people reaching out to them by email, signing up for something through their website, reaching out to them on Instagram, etc. And every time a person reaches out to them in a different spot, that lead gets a slightly different experience or might miss some steps of the process instead of getting a consistent experience no matter where they come into the relationship.

How do I create consistency in my process?

You want to make sure that whatever process you're setting up, you're able to keep it consistent across the board for everyone. This means that everybody is going to get taken care of in the same way and nobody's going to miss something crucial that they need to know or do, or something that might help convert them.

You want to make sure that it's something that you can replicate or where you have a system set in place. For example, if someone reaches out to you via Instagram, this is the link that you need to send to them so that they're coming to your website just like everybody else. Or if someone reaches out by email, instead of manually scheduling a consultation with them, you either send them a booking link or direct them to a specific page on your website so, again, they're getting the same consistent experience.

If you can start with this consistent foundation to your relationship with everyone at the beginning of the journey, it's going to help you create a better client journey down the line. Stay tuned, because I'm going to continue going over the rest of this process. This is only the first step on the journey!

Do you have questions about creating or refining your client journey? Let me know down in the comments or feel free to reach out.



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