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CRM Strategy Session

Is your account already set up, but you need help adding a new workflow or service to? Maybe you'd like an assessment of your 17hats account with personalized suggestions to improve your systems. Book your 1:1 Strategy Session today and get started!

CRM Strategy Session

This one-hour account review call is designed for those who are looking for support with optimizing or updating their 17hats account or another CRM.

You Could Use This Call For:

  • Making specific changes or updates to your account

  • Optimizing your account so you're really making the most of the software

  • Evaluating your systems and making a plan for improving your client experience

  • Light template/account cleanup

  • Writing or tweaking copy in email or questionnaire templates

  • Tweaking your business services 

  • Adding a new service to your account

Looking for support with something else?
Let us know and we will tell you if a CRM Strategy Session
is the right fit for you.


$57 per hour (regularly $67!)

Book your CRM Strategy Session today!

Please note: A Strategy Session is not a substitute for a VIP Day. 

Do you have questions about which 17hats services are right for you and your business?

Book your complimentary discovery call today!

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