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How to create a great lead magnet - Part 1: Content

Have you ever signed up for a lead magnet?

Did you actually open it and use the information?

A great lead magnet can get more warm leads on your email list and more people who are interested in your main offer.

But how do you get them there? Where do you start? Watch the video below to learn more.

Listen to the audio:

What exactly is a lead magnet and why do I need one?

What sort of lead magnet should you create or should you create next to support you and your business? This is what we're going to be diving into today.

If you don't know, a lead magnet is some sort of freebie that you are giving to people that draws them into your business - like a magnet - to create more leads and hopefully lead to more paying clients for your business.

So why is having a lead magnet important? Well, basically, a lead magnet is a way to get more traffic into your business and, most importantly, to get more people on your email list.

I am sure you've heard that having an email list is something that is important and useful to your business. Unlike your social media following, an email list is something that you own that can't be taken away from you at any point.

An email list is a group of people that are warmer leads than traffic that you might get on social media or elsewhere on the internet. They can be an easier group of people to sell things to, because they're already interested in you and your products or services. A lead magnet is a great way to start getting more of these people on your list so that you have more potential warm leads in your sphere in general.

Who is your lead magnet for?

One of the mistakes that I see people making when it comes to lead magnets is just slapping any old thing together based on what they feel like. They create something that they are interested in without actually thinking about what it's for.

When you think about the purpose of your lead magnet, I encourage you to think about two key areas.

The first one is your audience. Who is this lead magnet intended for?

It might be intended for people who are similar to your current clients - people that might become ideal leads. Or it might be a slightly different group of people, depending on what it is that you're trying to promote right now. If you are promoting a new product or service, it might not be aimed at your usual audience, so maybe your lead magnet should be aimed at a new audience as well.

When you are thinking about this audience, as yourself:

  • What are their characteristics and demographics?

  • And, most importantly, what are the types of information that they are looking for?

What is the purpose of your lead magnet?

The second thing that I encourage you to think about when it comes to the purpose of your lead magnet is: what are you hoping that the people who sign up for it are going to do?

In a lot of cases, when people sign up for a lead magnet, they also get a welcome sequence of emails. This is also often called a nurture sequence. A person signs up, they get their freebie, but then they also get more emails telling them about you, your business, and your services. Maybe some testimonials or case studies. Usually in that sequence there is also at least one offer.

The goal with a lead magnet is to get these people on your email list, give them a valuable freebie, and also direct them towards some sort of paid offer. This could be a low ticket offer. This could be a one-on-one coaching call. But at some point, you should also funnel these people towards your main offer.

How to choose your lead magnet content

One thing that you may want to do when you're thinking about the content of your lead magnet is to start with your main offer and work backwards.

What is the process that you want these people to move through to get them to your main offer? How many steps are there along the way? If they're coming in from your lead magnet, what is the next step to get them down this pipeline towards your main offer?

There are a few different ways that you can do this. One of the things that you can do, especially if you have some sort of coaching program, course, membership, or some sort of system where the people that you're working with tend to move through the same process, is think about a way that you can get them started on that process.

If you start with your main offer in mind, then as you move leads down that pipeline, you're getting them either deeper into your main process or giving them the foundation they need to be ready to start that process so they're going to want to work with you in that big ticket way.

What do I mean by this? Let's say you are a coach with a 12-week coaching program, and that's how most people work with you. That's your big ticket item that you're hoping to eventually promote to this list of people. Is there some sort of basic exercise or lesson, maybe even the whole first module, that you can use to turn into this freebie that gets people hooked so that they're going to want to learn more and potentially work with you?

Now, let's say that your high ticket offer is one-on-one coaching and not necessarily a standardized program. Maybe you usually tailor it to each individual client. There are still probably foundational processes that you use for most people. Think about exercises or other foundational activities that most people tend to complete. One of these could be something that you can use to turn into your freebie.

The next thing that I encourage you to think about are your current clients and your past clients. What are the things that people ask you again and again? What are the things that come up most often that most people seem to struggle with? Maybe there is some way that you can turn that into a freebie that will direct people towards your main offer.

What topic are you considering for your next lead magnet? Do you have questions about creating a new lead magnet? Let me know down in the comments or feel free to reach out.



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